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Welcome to Deep Move, an all-in-one wellness platform that allows you to access yoga, pilates, meditation, breathwork and beyond from the comfort of your home. Train with friends, meet new workout buddies, and move together.

About Deep Move

Deep Move is designed to connect students and instructors anytime, anywhere. Our online community makes it easy for students to find instruction in virtually any discipline of health and wellness, while teachers get access to students from around the world.

  • Browse and add classes from hundreds of certified instructors
  • Enjoy live classes with with your friends and pre-recorded sessions on demand
  • Access a variety of classes for every skill level
  • Grow an online pool of students and host real-world studio sessions
  • Schedule and manage courses with an intuitive interface

No more endless searches for the right material

Instead, Deep Move’s powerful search capabilities let you browse hundreds of courses in yoga, cardio, meditation and more to find exactly what you need.


Workouts on your time

Live workouts and pre-recorded lessons mean there will always be something to get you moving, on your schedule.


High quality programs

Get exclusive content from licensed instructors at the right skill level and set custom fitness goals.


A Global Community

Deep Move brings together instructors and students from around the world to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.



Train from the comfort of your own home or find the perfect local studio to fit your needs.


Endless variety

Never fall into a dull routine. We offer curated classes designed to fit every skill level, ability, and time commitment.

Deep Move’s simple interface allows students to browse courses, schedule lessons, and send and receive messages directly with instructor and student communities. Instructors can schedule lessons, create announcements, and send push notifications with the touch of a button. With integrated payment and scheduling, there’s no need to multitask anymore. Just log in, find your class, and go.


Are you an instructor?

Deep Move was designed by someone like you — a fitness instructor who seeks to make training with friends and clients not only fun and easy, but also intelligent and coherent. Increase your reach with your regular clients as well as connect with an ever-growing pool of students from around the globe. Conduct live streams and pre-recorded workouts and sessions, making your content available to a world-wide audience; send clients notifications about virtual courses, retreats, workshops, and one-on-one sessions; schedule and manage your courses with ease; set your price per class and get paid quickly and efficiently.

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Are you a student?

We have all been there — the hours-long search for just the right material, and then when you find it, there’s only one decent result. We know: Finding an instructor, studio, or wellness coach that suits your needs can be next-to-impossible. With Deep Move, everyone is finally in one place. Quickly and easily browse courses from yoga, to dance, to meditation and beyond. Book sessions, subscribe to your favorite instructors, and design your fitness schedule according to your needs. Invite your friends and stay connected during and after class. With no monthly fees, you pay only for the courses you take. And with our worldwide network, Deep Move makes it easy to form new friendships with other like-minded students, no matter where you are.

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Are you a studio?

The last several months have been rough on studios. Deep Move is here to help. Our platform enables students and teachers to discover and connect with studios like yours in their local and global communities. Students can browse your classes, instructors, and schedules, and keep up to date on the latest events and announcements from your studio, directly from the Deep Move app. Finally, students can enroll in your classes using Deep Move’s booking and payment system. And with access to our global network of Deep Movers, you can book highly-skilled instructors to host courses online or in-person at your studio. Your search for students and potential teachers is over.

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